“Lifestyles of the Happily Retired” Podcast: Christine Starr

Welcome to this week's "Lifestyles of the Happily Retired" podcast! In this series, I chat with people who are reinventing themselves and living happy, fulfilling, and interesting lives during retirement.

Russ Smith in Stockholm-roundThis week's guest is Christine Starr.

Christine is following the "second career" path after leaving her corporate job in 2013. She and her husband bought an RV last year so that they can devote part of each year to traveling to visit children and grandchildren as well as seeing the sights in the U.S.A.

Christine is a role model for envisioning what she wanted to do several years before retiring and taking steps to achieve her goals prior to retiring from her corporate career. She also shares some good habits for budgeting and saving, both before and after retiring.

Click here to listen!  (15:25)

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2 thoughts on ““Lifestyles of the Happily Retired” Podcast: Christine Starr

  1. William

    So tempting! (sigh... Remember the 60's and 70's vans?) Less is more! And a great way to check out a final retirement destination.

    1. Dave Hughes

      I do! I actually owned one of those VW camper vans for a short time around 1980, but I never actually got to take it on a camping road trip.

      My parents owned a small travel trailer they hitched onto the back of their car. They traveled around the country for 20 years with that, including snowbirding in Florida. They got their money's worth many times over.

      That has some appeal to me to, but I'm involved in too many activities locally to be able to pull away for extended periods of time. Maybe in the next phase...


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