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Retirement is Like a Buffet. Will You Stuff Yourself or Starve?

There’s a buffet restaurant a few miles from our home called Pacific Seafood Buffet.  Most of the food is Asian, and the primary draw for us is all the sushi we care to eat for one price.  Of course, there are a lot of other good dishes there too:  tempura vegetables, shrimp, crab cakes, and…
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8 Surprising Ways that Retiring Can Stress You Out – And How to Conquer Them

When you think about what your retirement lifestyle will be like, what comes to mind?  What adjectives would you use to describe what you hope your life will be like? I’ll bet one that’s high on your list is “stress-free.”  Like practically everyone else, I’m sure you hope that your retirement years will be more…
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7 Things I’ve Learned During the First 9 Months of Retirement

I have been retired for nine months now.  In some ways, it seems as though the time has flown by.  In other ways, it seems like my life has been like this for a long time and work is now a distant memory. When greeted by friends, I’m often asked, “So how’s retirement?”  My stock…
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8 Conversations Every Couple Needs to Have

Hopefully, you have at least a general idea of how you hope your life will unfold in the years to come.  You probably have some ideas (whether vague or specific) about where you’d really like to live, where you hope to travel, when you hope to retire, and an assortment of dreams and “bucket list”…
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Welcome to Retire Fabulously! How This Website Will Help You Live Happily Ever After

I’m convinced that for many people, their retirement years end up being a lot like the preconceived notions of retirement that they held during their working years. If you look forward to your retirement years as being vibrant, fulfilling, and happy – they will be.  If you think retirement will be dull, boring, and beset…
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