Friends at Lighthouse

2014-01-28 George Bernard Shaw

When you think about the changes and adjustments that are going to occur when you retire, the most obvious one is that you’re now going to have much more time on your hands.  You won’t be going in to work.  You can now choose what to do with every waking hour of every day.

But there’s another change that comes in tandem with no longer going in to work.  It’s just as profound, and many couples don’t anticipate it and are caught by surprise when it happens.

Suddenly, you have a lot more time to spend together.

What was your initial reaction to reading the previous sentence?  Even for couples who genuinely enjoy each other’s company, this change may illuminate differences in how much time each partner wishes to spend together and how much time and space they wish to have for themselves.

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The other day I was thinking about friends and how they pass in and out of our lives.

If I think back five years ago, my circle of friends was noticeably different. Ten years ago, it was different again. Fifteen years ago, different again – and so on.

Mostly, this happens when I join a new activity or organization, or when I stop participating in a group I’ve been part of.

Sometimes, people move away.

And way too many times, people disappear into the horizon without us even being aware of it.

I say, “we really need to get together more often,” or “let’s have dinner sometime soon,” and I really mean it when I say it. I have every good intention, but then I get distracted by other things and the busyness of life and next thing you know, months have passed.

I suppose that’s one way we can really differentiate friends from people who are nice acquaintances, many of whom could become friends if we just gave them more time and opportunity.

So how is this apropos of retirement? For one thing, this can be a consequence of how much we allow our work to be the central focus in our lives.

One of the biggest adjustments many people must make when they leave the workforce is the sudden lack of human contact.

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2013-07-14 Simone de Beauvoir

I’m convinced that for many people, their retirement years end up being a lot like the preconceived notions of retirement that they held during their working years.

If you look forward to your retirement years as being vibrant, fulfilling, and happy – they will be. 

If you think retirement will be dull, boring, and beset with declining health – it probably will be.

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