Yoga on Mountaintop-Sobek

2013-10-09 Alfred Polgar

I recently finished reading “How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free” by Ernie J. Zelinski.  Subtitled “Retirement wisdom that you won’t get from your financial advisor,” this is a sequel to his earlier bestseller “The Joy of Not Working.”

Overall, I enjoyed the book and I can enthusiastically recommend it.  Zelinski shares many of the same philosophies about being happy and finding fulfillment in retirement as I do.  The book is profound in some areas, but merely states the obvious (at great length) in others.

If you are still clinging to notion that retirement is a time of decline or boring years of purposeless idle time, much of what Zelinski offers in his book will destroy those perceptions and replace them with a vision that’s much more positive and optimistic.

Zelinski offers four fundamentals for attaining personal fulfillment during retirement:

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