It’s easy to imagine all the things you want to do, but harder to commit to doing them.
It’s easy to imagine all the things you want to do, but harder to commit to doing them.

Do you have a bucket list? Hopefully, you have envisioned your retirement as a time to try new things, travel to places you have always wanted to go, and do the things you didn’t have time for during your working years.

But will you actually get around to doing any of those things on your list? It’s easy to get consumed by the routine of day-to-day life, even in retirement. Before you know it, years will have passed and those items on your bucket list will still be just dreams for "someday."

Here are five steps you can take to help you achieve the items on your bucket list and enjoy the fulfilling retirement you deserve.

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The allure of retiring to another country can be tempting, but proceed with caution.
The allure of retiring to another country can be tempting, but proceed with caution.

If you have traveled internationally, you have probably visited charming, exciting places and thought about how great it would be to retire there. You may be motivated to stretch your retirement dollars in a place with lower cost of living and cheaper health care. Maybe you want to enjoy your leisure years in a locale with a warmer climate and breathtaking natural beauty. Perhaps you are ready for a new adventure and the opportunity to discover new lands and experience new cultures. Or maybe you are formulating an escape plan in the event your least favorite candidate makes it into the White House.

Whatever your motivations are, if you are considering retiring to another country, here are twelve factors to research and consider before you start packing.

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Retire Fabulously Snowbirds Crowded Freeway Heavy Traffic Retirement

Each year, over a million people migrate from colder regions of the United States and Canada to sunny locations in Florida, Arizona, and other Sunbelt states. To these snowbirds, seasonal migration offers the best of both worlds – an opportunity to maintain ties to family, friends, and familiar places, while also enjoying a change of scenery and an escape from cold, wintry weather. While there are many advantages to being a snowbird, there are also challenges and additional expenses to consider before you start packing.

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To ensure a fun and meaningful event, start by asking the honoree how he or she would like to celebrate and who should be invited to the party.
To ensure a fun and meaningful event, start by asking the honoree how he or she would like to celebrate and who should be invited to the party.

One of the nicest rites of passage when someone wraps up their working career and transitions to retirement is the retirement party. If you have been given the opportunity to help plan a retirement party, here are some suggestions to create a send-off that the retiree will appreciate and remember.

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Welcome to this week's "Lifestyles of the Happily Retired" podcast! In this series, I chat with people who are reinventing themselves and living happy, fulfilling, and interesting lives during retirement.

Russ Smith in Stockholm-roundThis week's guest is Christine Starr.

Christine is following the "second career" path after leaving her corporate job in 2013. She and her husband bought an RV last year so that they can devote part of each year to traveling to visit children and grandchildren as well as seeing the sights in the U.S.A.

Christine is a role model for envisioning what she wanted to do several years before retiring and taking steps to achieve her goals prior to retiring from her corporate career. She also shares some good habits for budgeting and saving, both before and after retiring.

Click here to listen!  (15:25)

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Do you have a bucket list?

Is your bucket list just a vague, ever-changing set of ideas in your head, or do you actually have yours written down?

As you look forward to all the things you might do to make your retirement fun and memorable, actually writing a list of things you want to do during the remainder of your life will result in a much higher probability that you will achieve some or all of your dreams than if they remain just swimming around in your head. Plus, you’ll have a lot more to look forward to and you’ll view your retirement in a much more positive light.

For this article, I am going to focus on your travel bucket list – your list of places you want to visit and location-specific things you want to do. Then, I’ll share a few ways you can make your travel dreams easier to achieve.

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Are you single?

Have you considered what may happen if your spouse passes away before you?

One of the greatest fears that most of us harbor is the fear of dying alone or spending your final years lonely, bored, and confined in a retirement home.

With proper planning, it doesn’t have to be this way.

As with adult life in general, most information you read about planning for and living during your retirement is heavily couple-centric. Single retirees have a few unique concerns that often aren’t comprehended or addressed by websites, books, senior living communities, and other information sources.

If you’re married (or otherwise partnered), don’t click away!

Consider that, unless you and your spouse pass away at the same time, one of you will experience being single at some point. Later in this article, I will suggest several things you can consider now that will make life easier for the surviving spouse when that time comes.

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As you envision and plan what your retirement is going to be like, no doubt you have searched for all kinds of information on the internet. There’s a lot out there – so much, in fact, that it easily gets mind-boggling. It’s hard to keep track of it all.

During the two and a half years that I’ve been writing for Retire Fabulously! (has it really been that long?), I have developed quite a bookmark list.

While most of these websites have some merit, I have identified the “cream of the crop” – those websites that contain the most valuable, reliable, and comprehensive information that I refer to time and time again.

I have collected the best of the retirement lifestyle planning resources on the internet and combined them all into one definitive document, and I would like to share them with you.

I’m pleased to announce the release of my new guide, The Ultimate Retirement Resource Guide.

Ultimate Retirement Resource Guide cover-slanted

I’m really happy with it. I think it truly represents the best of the internet when it comes to retirement planning resources.

Here are just some of the great resources you’ll find in the guide:

  • Information about every city in the U.S. and Canada and many cities around the globe, such as cost of living, safety, climate, economy, government, and more
  • Information about traveling and relocating overseas
  • Resources for discovering a meaningful life and lifelong learning
  • The best retirement lifestyle books
  • A special section for LGBT resources

I’m confident that you’ll find The Ultimate Retirement Resource Guide to be incredibly useful. If you do, please tell your friends to visit RetireFabulously.com and subscribe, so that they can benefit from the guide, too.

To get your free copy, just enter your name and email address below. You'll also receive a notification every time I add a new article to this website.

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Hand writing on pad

“Where do you see yourself in five or ten years?”

You’ve probably heard this question many times during job interviews throughout your career – especially from interviewers who weren’t very skillful at conducting job interviews.

One of the biggest problems with this question is that you have no way of knowing what opportunities may be available in five or ten years.  At the rate technology is advancing, opportunities will exist in ten years that you have no way of envisioning today.

Still, it was better to have a career plan and remain adaptable and open to new possibilities than to have no plan at all and drift aimlessly through your work years.

You had a career plan.  Now, you need a retirement plan!

The question of where you see yourself in five or ten years becomes more relevant when you’re considering how you’re going to live your life after you retire.

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12 Retirement Myths Busted-Stencil

People have a lot of misperceptions about retirement.  I’ve heard a lot of them over the years, and I’ve become especially aware of them since I started reading and researching extensively in order to produce content for this web site.

Where do these misperceptions come from?  Generally, misperceptions thrive wherever there is a lack of knowledge or awareness.  And many people rarely think about their retirement during their working years.

The average 50-year-old in the United States has saved $43,797 for retirement.  36% of Americans have saved nothing for retirement at all.

Whenever I think about this sobering statistic, it leaves me sad and perplexed.  Why are we, as a nation, so underprepared?  I am convinced that this situation exists because these misperceptions exist.

Financial preparedness aside, I have observed that many people either view their retirement with dread or, on the opposite end of the spectrum, with an overly simplistic and rosy outlook.

Let’s take a look at twelve retirement myths, and then consider the reality that undermines each of them.

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