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  • How to live a balanced life that will keep you happy, healthy, and fulfilled
  • What factors are most important when choosing where you will live
  • How to gain clarity on the lifestyle you wish to live - and what it will cost
  • What you can do during your working years to prepare for a successful retirement (besides just saving money)
  • How to align your retirement dreams and visions with your spouse
  • How to anticipate and prepare for all the changes that will take place when you transition from work to leisure
  • How to envision your retirement in a positive, possibility-filled way

This website will broaden your horizons and help you live a better life.

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Let me tell you a little bit more about what you can expect to gain from this web site and why I am so committed to building the site and adding more content and resources.

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I’m convinced that for many people, their retirement years end up being a lot like the preconceived notions of retirement that they held during their working years.

If you look forward to your retirement years as being vibrant, fulfilling, and happy – they will be. 

If you think retirement will be dull, boring, and beset with declining health – it probably will be.

Sadly, many people don’t think about their retirement at all, so when the time comes they are unprepared for the psychological adjustments and the choices they need to make.  Most Americans are not saving enough for retirement either, probably because they don’t have any goals to provide the incentive for them to do so.  It’s easy to get caught up in daily life, both mentally and financially, so it’s easy to put off thinking about retirement until the future, if at all.  And I suspect that many people don’t want to think about growing older, as if not thinking about it will somehow make it not happen.

I firmly believe that what we envision and plan for plays a large role in what we will actually experience.

This applies to everything in life, not just retirement.  I believe that what some people refer to as your “golden years” can, indeed, be golden.

I also believe that it’s never too early to devote thought to what you want your retirement to be like.

This is what I hope to achieve with this blog.

My goal is to help you envision, plan for, and ultimate achieve the best retirement possible. 

Most retirement resources are focused on financial planning.  There’s no question that saving and financial planning are essential to a happy retirement.  But there are far fewer resources devoted to envisioning a happy retirement, or how to deal with the changes in your life that take place when you quit working, or to help you anticipate choices you will make, such as where to live.  That’s what this blog is for.

There are even fewer resources that deal with these topics from the perspective of the gay and lesbian community.  While many of the retirement planning issues we face are common to all of us, gay and lesbian retirees face some unique considerations when it comes to legal and social issues, health care, and living in an LGBT-supportive environment.

Everyone is welcome here.  Most content on this blog will be useful to everyone, but some content will focus on the unique needs of gays and lesbians.  If you’re straight, this blog will serve as a wonderful opportunity to broaden your horizons a bit, and build bridges of support and understanding for all of us.

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Welcome!  I look forward to having you join me on this fun journey towards a fabulous retirement!


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3 thoughts on “New? Start Here

  1. Nicky

    Start as soon as you start your job. Find out what kind of retirement plans the eopemylr offers. The three major elements of your retirement portfolio are benefits from pensions, savings and investments, and Social Security benefits.Each year the Social Security Administration sends you your personal Social Security Statement, which gives you an estimate of the monthly benefit amounts you and your family may qualify for now and in the future.Once you’ve reviewed your Statement, you may want to explore a variety of retirement scenarios using a range of assumptions about your future earnings or when you stop working.

    1. Dave Hughes

      Thanks, Nicky. You're entirely correct.

      The only thing I would add is this. If you are lucky enough to be working for an employer that still offers a viable pension plan, don't assume that you don't also need to save on your own in a 401(k) plan or IRA. You may not work for that employer for your entire career, in which case you may not end up with enough years to qualify to receive benefits under the plan, or the amount you receive won't be as much. That plan probably won't provide as much as you would like to have anyway.


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