If you would like to contribute a guest post on Retire Fabulously!, please read the following information carefully. Please note that I do not offer monetary compensation for guest posts.

  1. I will consider content that is directly related to the mission of this website, which is to help people envision, plan for, and ultimately enjoy the best retirement possible. This is NOT a financial planning website, it's a retirement lifestyle planning website. Suitable subject areas include choosing where to live, transitioning from work to leisure, being happy and fulfilled in retirement, setting new visions and goals for your life in retirement, confronting challenges retirees face, etc.
  2. Articles should appeal to the demographics of my readers.
    -  50% of my readers are in their 60s and 42% are in their 50s.
    -  40% of my readers plan to retire in 1-10 years, and 12% in less than a year. 30% have been retired 5 years or less, and 11% have been retired more than 5 years.
    -  Readers of this website are about 60% straight and 40% LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender) people. Most retirement lifestyle issues are the same for all people, but occasionally articles may focus on issues that are of particular interest to LGBT people.
    Regardless of the topic, your submission should be interesting and contain information of value to everyone.
  3. I will not accept articles that are focused on selling a product or service. You may include links to your website or products in your bio at the end of the article, but not in the body of the article. I am not interested in "content marketing" articles that are written primarily with the intention of generating clicks to clients' websites within the article. Providing interesting and usable information to readers should be first and foremost.
  4. Your article should be well-written, concise, and contain usable information. I don't mind doing a little editing, but if your article is full of poor grammar, misspelling, and bad sentence structure, it will be rejected. I reserve the right to edit anything in your article for style, clarity, or brevity.
  5. I highly encourage the use of storytelling and examples to connect with the audience and bring content to life. However, the stories should be about your personal experience or first-hand knowledge.
  6. I don't have specific length requirements, but 500-1500 words is a good range.
  7. Your article must be original and must be substantially unique - in other words, nearly identical versions of the article are not published on other websites.
  8. If you wish to submit photos or graphic images with your article (which is not a requirement), you must indicate the source and you must have permission to use the image through the source's copyright and licensing terms.
  9. Your bio (at the end of the post) can be up to 60 words. Please include a good quality head shot photo of you (only) in which your face is clearly visible and not obscured by sunglasses, shadows, ski masks, etc.
  10. I reserve the right to accept or reject articles for any reason including topic, quality, or content.

Still with me?  Great!  The first thing you should do is pitch me 1-3 ideas for topics, including a working title and a brief synopsis of what you plan to cover.  Use the form below to submit your pitches or questions about this process.

Also, please include a few links to other articles you've written - either on your own blog or on other sites.