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Okay, I admit it – I’m opinionated. Strongly opinionated. After studying the topic of retirement lifestyles for several years, closely observing my parents’ retirement and living through my own transition from working to retirement, I have gained a lot of perspective.

The main reason I started this website was to share my knowledge, experience and perspectives on envisioning, planning for, and enjoying a happy retirement.

While my perspectives show in everything I write to some extent, these articles are the ones in which I most unabashedly share my personal opinions and experiences.

These articles are my story.

Welcome to Retire Fabulously! How This Website Will Help You Live Happily Ever After
Is It Time to Retire the Word “Retirement?”
Your Retirement is a Journey, Not a Destination
4 Reasons Why I Won’t Be Moving to a 55+ Active Adult Community
6 Trends That Are Changing Retirement in America
Senior Housing Needs to Increase its Diversity Competency
8 Things That Matter More Than Money for a Happy Retirement
How to Slow Down Time and Maximize Your Retirement
Best Places to Retire Lists – Fact, Fiction, or Fantasy?
LGBT Retirement Communities – Unrealized Potential vs. Unclear Demand
25 Great Things About Being Retired
Is Your Retirement Fulfilling – or Just Busy?
An Important Lesson Boomers Can Learn From Millennials
To Achieve Your Ideal Retirement, Are You Willing to Change?
The Retirement Party
What Will Your First Year of Retirement Be Like?
7 Things I’ve Learned During the First 9 Months of Retirement
10 Ways to Stay Young-at-Heart after You Retire
How Social Media Could Make Us Lonelier Seniors – and What You Can Do
To Enjoy a Happy Retirement, What Are You Willing to Let Go Of?
What Does (s)he Who Dies with the Most Toys Actually Win?
The Single Most Important Thing You Can Do For Your Future
How to Conquer the Challenge of Downsizing
12 Retirement Myths – Busted!
How Will You Be Remembered?
Retirement is Like a Buffet. Will You Stuff Yourself or Starve?

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