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As you look around this website you’ll notice that there are none of those annoying Google AdSense ads or “Sponsored Content” (the Internet’s equivalent of infomercials). I think those things cheapen a website and make your user experience less enjoyable, so I don’t use them. The only thing I advertise on this website are my books.

Since I founded Retire Fabulously! in July, 2013, I’ve published hundreds of free articles and devoted thousands of hours to writing content, answering emails, and doing all the behind-the-scenes work of maintaining this website (and there’s a lot). In addition to my time, I incur the cost of web hosting and paying an annual fee for this domain (URL).

It’s mostly a labor of love. I’m certainly not doing this to get rich. I enjoy writing and I enjoy helping people. But I’ll be honest… it would be nice to see a little bit of return on all the effort I put into this website.

If you find the information on Retire Fabulously! to be valuable, I hope you’ll consider supporting my efforts with a small recurring contribution of just $2 (USD) per month or $20 per year. It’s completely voluntary.

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