Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with Ted Carr, founder of Retirement Journeys. Our conversation was recorded for his podcast series. Many of his previous podcast guests are among the elite of retirement experts and bloggers, so I am honored to be included in their company.

You can listen to the podcast here. We talk about the benefits of envisioning your retirement lifestyle while you're still working, taking an early retirement package, why it's advantageous to have a financial adviser, the challenges faced by LGBT retirees, and much more.

Be sure to check out the rest of Ted's website, RetirementJourneys.com. There's lots of good information that should be of interest to Retire Fabulously! readers.

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For many retirees, having enough money to enjoy a satisfying retirement is a major concern. Fortunately, enjoying a happy and fulfilling retirement does not necessarily require spending a lot of money. It's true that the best things in life are free; for others, there are discounts.

Here are 26 steps you can take in your day-to-day life to reduce or eliminate expenses that won’t impact your quality of life.

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Five residents on balcony

Many Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) elders report serious concerns about aging and retirement, according to the nonprofit group Services & Advocacy for GLBT Elders (SAGE).

For years, LGBT retirees have suffered indignities during their final years. For example, same-sex partners have been denied the opportunity to share the same room, staff members who personally object to homosexuality have treated LGBT elders insensitively, and finances and benefits normally given to heterosexual partners have been withheld from surviving same-sex partners. The loneliness and isolation that can accompany aging is often compounded by discrimination and the fact the LGBT people are less likely to have children and may be ostracized by their families. Many seniors have to go back into the closet when they entered the senior care system.

While the situation has improved in recent years, there is still a great unrealized demand for supportive retirement communities for LGBT people. Here are the LGBT-focused retirement homes and communities that are currently operating in the United States.

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It’s good to live in the present, but it’s also important to have things to look forward to.
It’s good to live in the present, but it’s also important to have things to look forward to.

If you’re still five, ten, or even twenty years away from retiring, then what you will do after you retire might be the farthest thing from your mind. You’re busy and have your career to focus on. If you still have kids at home, it’s all you can do to keep track of all their activities and needs. Maybe you dread growing older and you would rather not think about being retired until the time comes.

Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t wait until you retire to figure out what you’re going to do with your life after you end your career.

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It’s easy to imagine all the things you want to do, but harder to commit to doing them.
It’s easy to imagine all the things you want to do, but harder to commit to doing them.

Do you have a bucket list? Hopefully, you have envisioned your retirement as a time to try new things, travel to places you have always wanted to go, and do the things you didn’t have time for during your working years.

But will you actually get around to doing any of those things on your list? It’s easy to get consumed by the routine of day-to-day life, even in retirement. Before you know it, years will have passed and those items on your bucket list will still be just dreams for "someday."

Here are five steps you can take to help you achieve the items on your bucket list and enjoy the fulfilling retirement you deserve.

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Guest post by Jim Vogel, ElderAction.org

Teaching classes or giving presentations is an excellent way to share your knowledge and expertise with others.

Having a post-retirement career is not an idea that crosses the minds of many retirees. Retirement is supposed to be the end of working and the beginning of freedom.

However, many seniors find that retirement does not suit them. The risk of social isolation and depression increase after retiring due to the lack of activities and diminished social network. Some seniors simply find retirement dull.

If you want a job that allows you to fully enjoy retirement while still keeping engaged and active, here are a few jobs that might be the perfect fit.

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The allure of retiring to another country can be tempting, but proceed with caution.
The allure of retiring to another country can be tempting, but proceed with caution.

If you have traveled internationally, you have probably visited charming, exciting places and thought about how great it would be to retire there. You may be motivated to stretch your retirement dollars in a place with lower cost of living and cheaper health care. Maybe you want to enjoy your leisure years in a locale with a warmer climate and breathtaking natural beauty. Perhaps you are ready for a new adventure and the opportunity to discover new lands and experience new cultures. Or maybe you are formulating an escape plan in the event your least favorite candidate makes it into the White House.

Whatever your motivations are, if you are considering retiring to another country, here are twelve factors to research and consider before you start packing.

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Retire Fabulously Snowbirds Crowded Freeway Heavy Traffic Retirement

Each year, over a million people migrate from colder regions of the United States and Canada to sunny locations in Florida, Arizona, and other Sunbelt states. To these snowbirds, seasonal migration offers the best of both worlds – an opportunity to maintain ties to family, friends, and familiar places, while also enjoying a change of scenery and an escape from cold, wintry weather. While there are many advantages to being a snowbird, there are also challenges and additional expenses to consider before you start packing.

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live-mic-logo-2Earlier today I had the pleasure of catching up with my friend Mark McNease on his podcast, "Live Mic with Mark McNease."

Mark and I discuss his recent transition from working in the corporate world to following his own passions and pursuits (he's says he's not ready to retire just yet), the fact that many retirees (or post-employment folks) still need to generate some income, and recent positive developments on both of our journeys.

Mark is an author, journalist and publisher who now has six gay murder-mysteries and several short stories published. He runs the website lgbrSr.org, and he has been an invaluable supporter and promoter of Retire Fabulously! I was honored to have Mark edit my first book, Design Your Dream Retirement.

Grab your headphones and your favorite beverage and have a listen!


With so many factors to consider, choosing a place that’s just right for you can quickly become overwhelming.
With so many factors to consider, choosing a place that’s just right for you can quickly become overwhelming.

It's fun to think about where you want to retire. Once you no longer have your job tying you to a particular area, there's no reason not to relocate to a place that's more to your liking. Perhaps you want to move someplace warmer, closer to the water or where the cost of living is lower. But with so many factors to consider, choosing a place that's right for you can quickly become overwhelming.

In a poll of readers of this website, these ten factors emerged as the top criteria for choosing a good retirement location.

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