Interview: Time to Retire the Word Retirement?

I recently became acquainted with Chris and Susan Beesley, who created Living the Retirement Lifestyle.

Chris and Susan host a podcast series, and I had the privilege of chatting with them recently. My recent article about retiring the word “Retirement” in favor of the term “Renaissance” resonated with them, and during the interview we explored the concept further. We also discussed becoming an online entrepreneur, which is their specialty.

Chris and Susan’s goal with Living the Retirement Lifestyle is to help people who want to change their life by finding out what their pathway is, what are their dreams and aspirations, and to set them on a journey to achieve their success. They offer a global education and training business that provides their clients and customers with access to the programs, tools and resources to help them start an online business so that they can take their own business in any direction they wish.

If you are considering starting a business or launching any kind of entrepreneurial adventure after you retire, you might find their resources to be valuable assets.

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